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saxo bodas
saxo boda

Nasha Sak, Argentinean-Spanish, with over 15 year’s residence in Spain.
A saxophonist and composer, she started her music studies with the saxophone at the age of 12, and her career as an instrumentalist specialising in jazz began in Buenos Aires.

Once she had finished his studies, she moved to Madrid, where she continued to specialise in modern music. She won a scholarship at the Escuela de Música Creativa (School of Creative Music), where she obtained her teaching diploma for modern saxophone. She has played in different groups and as a soloist since then and she has worked as a session musician with groups of different modern music styles.

Although previously she had performed sporadically with electronic music, it was not until around 2008 when she began to play this style more regularly.

From this point onwards her musical career focused on two areas: on the one hand she continued with jazz and on the other, with electronic music, House, Deep, EDM…

When we talk about House and Dance Music, the most striking element is the display of energy and the rush that she produces at a party, a resounding sax with funky touches and electrifying sharps.

Her music for Deep House/Chill Out sessions is well worth listening to: gentle and at the same time enthralling. A whisper of the Ibizan sea, with airs of New York jazz and minimalism merged together in a single instrument.

In the field of jazz, a style that she has never stopped playing, she currently is a member of the Mad Sax Big Band and the Animal band Proyect, a collective of musicians that get together to play live for only animals. At the same time as performing as a jazz soloist, or in duos, trios and quartets.


​Lío, Pacha Group, Ibiza

Mercedes Benz, Madrid

Paddock Club, Formula 1, Catalonia Circuit

Art Museum Reina Sofía, Madrid

BMW, Marbella

Heineken, España

Bora Bora, Ibiza

Auditorium Arenas, Barcelona

Ron Brugal, España

Nassau, Ibiza

Roberto Cavalli, Ibiza

Penélope Club, Madrid

Stadium Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

​Ático 11, Las Letras, Gran Vía, Madrid

Café Berlín, Madrid

Restaurant Ricard Camarena, Valencia

Theatre La Lonja, Lérida

Auditoriium of León

Taboo Club, Madrid

Schueppes, Spain

Budha Beach Club, Marbella

Clamores Club, Madrid

Barco Club, Madrid

Bogui Club, Madrid

Rabbat, Marruecos

Círculo de arte, Toledo

Moma, Madrid

Tokyo, Santander

Tribeca, Oviedo

Coca Cola, España

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