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NATACHA SCHIRIAK is the saxophonist that lead this jazz quartet. Spanish/Argentinian, based in Madrid since 2004, un this time playing in different jazz groups and international projects (under the pseudonym; Nasha Sak) and is a well known for performing and improvising in this genre. 

DAVID FERNÁNDEZ on DRUMS. Based in Madrid, originally from Zaragoza. Has played with well-known musicians such as; L. E. Aute, Amaral, Bob Sands among others. He plays with various groups, of both jazz and flamenco, including the ENM Big Band, with he co-funder with Tomás Merlo.

RICARDO ALONSO on DOUBLE BASS, is a multi-instrument musician that plays many styles. He studied in the `Conservatorio Superior Superior de Navarra´. Over the last few years he gone deeper into the jazz world, playing and recording with various groups from the Madrid jazz scene as well as having his own group; Ricardo Alonso Jazz Project.

ÁLEX HUELVES on PIANO, from Madrid, integrated in the jazz scene and lover of improvisation, Apart from collaborating as a session musician with various projects, he leads a 3-piece band performing his original compositions and co-leads another 4 piece electronic jazz group `Dead Robot´ based in Toulouse.

saxofonista jazz mujer

“Women composers behind face of Jazz”

The main theme of these concerts is to spotlight some works by some of the women composers in jazz, from the 1950s to the present.

These concerts will allow us to enjoy a carefully chosen selection of jazz pieces by women composers, performed by `The Natacha Schiriak Quartet’.

This show is steeped in sensibility, the music is complimented with details about the lives of these women, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

The repertoire performed, all women composers, goes from ‘swing’, passing by ‘cool’, up to the latest tendencies, including also original compositions by the saxophonist.

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